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Milk, Whole Milk, 32 Oz Resealable Bottle


Milk, Whole Milk, 32 Oz Resealable Bottle

$ 2.51

Enjoy the flavor without the guilt, with 100% real RBST- and hormone-free, all natural milk. Natrel Milk is made using UHT (Ultra High Temperature) milk, real milk pasteurized at higher temperatures that eliminates organisms that cause traditional milk products to spoil. It is then placed in a sterile package and sealed, protecting it from light and air. There are no chemicals or preservatives used in the process. Milk can be stored at room temperature, but must be refrigerated once opened. Beverage Type: Milk
  • Flavor: Whole Milk
  • Packing Type: Tetra Resealable Bottle
  • Capacity (Volume): 32 oz.

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